Jumping Into The JUMP! Foundation

When I first participated in a JUMP! program I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. All I knew was that this was going to be an experience I wouldn’t forget. After a day of activities, I wanted to do the JUMP! program again so I signed up for two more in one week. The JUMP! programs made me feel excited and interested in what actually went on behind the scenes of the organization.  I asked one of my teachers if she could get me in touch with Justin.  I’ve now been working with JUMP! for two months and I’ve seen that there is so much more to this organization than facilitating workshops for children.

My first week working here was very busy with group meetings, personal check-ins, and helping the team develop projects.  I soon learnt that the JUMP! staff work extremely hard to provide the great workshops I enjoyed when I was in high school. In the transition from student to JUMP! staff, I got to experience the planning and thought process that goes into each workshop.

At first I was nervous considering I had just graduated from high school and my colleagues had all graduated from college. I was unsure if my work would be able to be just as good as theirs because I lacked the knowledge and life experience a person gets from attending college. I then had to remember that my first JUMP! experience is what made me want to intern during my gap year. JUMP! has a way of making something that seems so strange at first become something so interesting and it makes a person want to experience it time after time.

Everyone was very welcoming and warm. I fit in straight away and love the personal and professional relationships I have with each person I work with.  I now find my days busy planning the upcoming October excursions with my colleagues, organizing weekly JUMP! events for staff, keeping the blog updated and being empowered, inspired and engaged each day.

Jourdie Godley
JUMP! Intern

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