Thailand Programs

Experience all that the Land of Smiles has to offer – from trekking in the mountains of Chiang Mai to exploring the culture of Phuket through the lens of a camera. Students will be immersed in Thai culture and challenged to step out of their comfort zones, supporting opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Partnering with local community initiatives allows for meaningful and intentional experiences between students and community members, fostering an understanding of sustainable travel practices.

Phuket through the Lens

Location: Phuket, Thailand
Duration: 5 days
Skills: Personal development, Cultural Immersion, Ecological literacy

Using photography to capture a hidden side of the island, students will spend their time in Phuket working with local NGOs, exploring the vibrant street art downtown, working with an artist collective, and learning how to create traditional Batik art. Throughout the trip, students will work together to tell the stories of the communities they engage with and through critical and creative analysis of the artwork, students will collectively learn how to interpret the social importance of the artists’ work.

Resilience & Community Discovery

Location: Sam Roi Yot, Thailand
Duration: 5 days 
Skills: Personal development, Resilience, Transitions, Ecological literacy

This program will allow participants to embark on an expedition that focuses on experiential education through a variety of physical challenges, and challenges that test the strengths of their own teamwork and community bonds. The program will be framed around the theme of resiliency, and use nature to inspire participants to self-reflect on times when they have overcome adversity.

Leadership Mountain Range

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Duration: 7 days
Skills: Personal development, Community building, Ecological literacy, Global citizenship

Focused on developing students’ personal identity and roles within communities, this program includes rock climbing, trekking, an adventure race through the old city of Chiang Mai and connecting with local charities.

Rock climbing and trekking enables students to challenge their comfort zone, as well as teamwork dynamics. The adventure race encourages further team building, as well as deeper insight into Thai culture. Visits and interaction with local charities provide students with tangible examples of how local people are addressing development issues in Chiang Mai.

Self-Sufficiency & Sustainable Living

Location: Chanthaburi, Thailand
Duration: 5 days
Skills: Personal development, Community building, Environmental Awareness

On this 5 day expedition to Chanthaburi, participants will have multiple opportunities to learn about what makes an effective and sustainable community. Embarking on a trek through national parks, learning traditional weaving styles from community members, and learning about wild elephants in Thailand, participants will learn about what makes a successful community. By taking on the role as researchers in the community, participants will foster connections with one another and reflect on the importance of teamwork.

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