Anna Li – Facilitator

Growing up in Beijing, China, Anna Li spent most of her time pursuing academic excellence and exploring her interests. Her favorite part of Chinese culture is Chinese calligraphy, for it requires great persistence and patience to master. Anna studies chemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. However, she is also interested in other subjects, such as computer science and drawing. For Anna, drawing provides a powerful way to express her feelings. The combination of different geometric shapes fascinates her, and these creative combinations are often found in her paintings of buildings. During her free time, she loves reading different kinds of books, especially fiction novels.

After successfully completing her first year of college, Anna returned to Beijing and officially became a JUMP! facilitator. She learned about the JUMP! Foundation through her work at Bridging Education and Mobility (BEAM, a JUMP! Development partner organization) during her gap year before college. Anna appreciates the opportunity to be a member of JUMP! because it is a safe and inspiring environment to learn and grow.

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