A Word from a JUMP! Intern

Interning at JUMP! has not only been memorable, but has been an invaluable experience for me. Transitioning into the JUMP! team was not at all difficult as the office staff are extremely friendly and helpful in terms of supporting one another, both personally and professionally. I admire that every member of the team is enthusiastic and committed to JUMP!, such that be it in work or having fun, they will jump right into it.

Apart from being influenced to pun on the word ‘jump’, I have also found myself to be more organized with my time under the influence of the office staff.

Furthermore, I was able to discover something new about myself by helping to facilitate some of the programs run by JUMP!. These programs are challenging in the sense that they require 100% focus as well as a personal and honest reflection about one’s self. Youth are able to gain a rewarding experience, just like I did as a high school student, when fully participating in these programs.

As JUMP! is a young and developing organization, communication and teamwork is crucial. Everyone participates in office tasks ranging from cleaning the office to buying printer ink, which showcases cooperation and good relationships among office staff members. To be able to intern under a great environment full of love, light, and laughter definitely allowed me to take the most out of this internship.

JUMP! Intern Cheryl Wong recently graduated from the Western Academy of Beijing and plans to attend the University of Melbourne next year.

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