Arabella Higgins – Senior Program Manager

Born near Manchester, UK, Arabella Higgins grew up studying under alternative education curriculums in the UK and the US. During her BSc in Psychology she developed a passion for education, focusing on children’s self-identity development in multi-cultural schools. After working in Thailand as an international school educator, guidance counsellor, cognitive mediator, and most recently researcher at UNESCO, she went on to study her masters in Social and Developmental Psychology at University of Cambridge, UK. Here, she researched Thai female students’ perceived competency to become entrepreneurs with regard to socio-economic status. She also managed Graduate Union events and activities, including a lecture from global economist Amartya Sen.

In Cambridge she marketed, delivered and project managed customized sustainable leadership programs for global business executives, such as Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. She went on to fundraise, event manage and market programs for a David Lynch Foundation wellness non-profit with San Francisco Unified School District inner-city schools.

As a psychologist, international educator, manager, and outdoor activity enthusiast, she is thrilled to be part of JUMP’s innovative approach to education in Bangkok. She is looking forward to getting back into wakeboarding, exploring South East Asia and providing exceptional global leadership programs for talented youth!