BCIS Community Day: October 15, 2010

Community. Communication. Challenge.

These were the themes we focused on during a one-day program at Beijing City International School (BCIS)! Teaming up with 150 middle school students, we divided the day into 3 sessions. The first encouraged the entire middle school community to work together to get to know each other through a variety of activities. During the second session, students were split up by grade level and traveled through stations while playing games that emphasized trust, collaboration, and communication. The last session was a chance for the students to work in smaller groups and go through 6 different challenges in order to earn points. The points translated into money donated to JUMP!’s development programs. The BCIS Middle School community donated over $250 to JUMP! Development and worked together remarkably well!

As a new member of the JUMP! Team, this was the first program I participated in from start to finish. It was really inspiring to witness firsthand how JUMP!’s values manifested themselves throughout the course of the day. I saw many students appear disengaged during the morning session, only to catch them shouting the loudest during the “key punch” challenge station I was managing in the afternoon. During debrief sessions, I was impressed with the insightful and mature responses the students provided.

While we were only at BCIS for one day, it was evident that many of the models we introduced to the students would have a lasting impact. I hope the students took away as much from the experience as I did!

Written by Safia Tapal, Assistant JUMP! Facilitator

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  1. Great Post Saf!
    Love how this blog is being used!

    Well done team.

  2. Thanks Safia and the rest of the JUMP! team. It really was a fantastic day for all of our Middle School students – the JUMP! Community Day is a key event in our annual Awesome Tweens Month!
    It was great to see how our students refined their communication skills – including their listening skills – throughout the day. They were challenged to form effective multi-grade level teams (communities) which included students they were less familiar with. The teams had to develop effective teamwork and communication strategies to successfully negotiate the challenges.
    We all learnt a lot from the experiences and will continue to build on it in the weeks and months ahead. Awesome job!

    • Thanks for your comment, Phil. We had a lot of fun running the program and look forward to working with you again soon!

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