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Worldwide Possibilities – Focused on Empowering Global Citizens

Do You Have a Passion For Global Citizenship and Experiential Learning?

Facilitators are our VIPs, and we want the best of the best to become part of our community. For over 11 years we’ve brought innovation to experiential learning – partnering with organizations, developing in-school and out of school activities, and implementing life-changing programs.


We are challenging others to grow and develop. It only makes sense to invest in our team, to bring your skills and abilities to the next level. Whether you are just starting a career or a veteran in the industry we’ll support your growth.


Form deep relationships and get a real understanding of areas that many only dream to visit. Don’t get us wrong, it’s hard work, but you’ll surely make unforgettable memories along the way.


We have the belief that youth empowerment and leadership will create lasting worldwide change. If you value mindful Global Citizenship and Sustainability, we hope you’ll apply to an open position where you feel you can add value.


We believe in the United Nations  – Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. You can find the spirit of sustainability throughout all aspects of our organization and programs.


Beijing, Bangkok, Canada, and Australia are places that members of our team call home. Be ready for international collaboration and more video conferences than you can count – Be Global.


Qualified but not looking for a long-term commitment? Don’t worry, we’ve worked with hundreds of Facilitators over the years who work with us from 1 week – 6 months each year. We also have a core team that have worked to make the gears turn for years.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Yogyakarta Urban Exploration Program – 7th Graders exploring the vibrant history in South and Southeast Asia.

In-School Programs

Schools we’ve worked with: NIST, Ivanhoe, International School of Beijing, Thammasat, and Stamford International School. We’ve worked with thousands of students, educators, and institutions in the school environment. Bringing transformative learning for sustained change.

Out of School Programs

Locations we love: Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Laos, and more! With a focus on Asia, we specialize in bespoke educational experiences worldwide. Priding ourselves on long-term relationships and outstanding feedback.

Underadvantaged Youth Programs

Click here to view our map of our leadership conferences. We bring our experts to train your key change makers – leading to long lasting benefits to the local communities they serve. This is what our main purpose at JUMP! is.

Our Numbers

Students Inspired

Educators Supported

Countries Covered

Who We Work With

We believe in community, that is why we find pride in partnering with other organizations that share our vision.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If so, our team is always happy to get an email or phone call. For the most common career questions, we’ll try to cover them in the sections below:

What is The JUMP! Foundation?

JUMP! is a non–profit social enterprise that works to inspire, empower, and engage individuals in leadership development, community building, and global citizenship education. We do this by developing, designing, and running purposeful experiential education programs.

What is a JUMP! Program?

A program is a learning experience, either in a traditional building or outside in the world. We develop 3 types of programs at JUMP!:

  • J! Schools: Programs utilizing personal development, community building, and global citizenship methods to enhance learning on a campus.
  • J! Experiences: Programs venturing into the real world outside the walls of the school.
  • J! Development: Programs working with local partners in underserved communities in the regions we work in most.


Want to Join JUMP!? Take a look at our job openings below and apply.

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