Christian Ruiz – Senior Facilitator

Formally known as Christian Ruiz, Kris is a Puerto Rican from the Bronx, NY who comes to JUMP! from our development partner, Global Potential (GP). At GP, Kris started as a participant before joining the staff. His first encounter with GP was on a one week trip he embarked on during his spring break in 2009 with another organization called Global Kids, where he realized his passion for facilitation and community service. When he returned, he became a full time staff member and worked alongside GP’s Director of Operations to help launch the organization’s Media Program, which has helped youth create eight documentary films to date. Now, Kris works full-time at JUMP! as a program facilitator and social media guru. Kris is also a percussionist, and on any given Sunday (around 2-6) you can catch him playing with a djembe drum circle in Houhai Lake (Beijing). Kris enjoys laughing, dancing, socializing, singing, cycling, and exploring.