Coco Chen – Program Manager

Born and raised in a countryside of  Hunan province, in the Southern part of China, Coco Chen spent most of her childhood playing outside or playing ping-pong and badminton with her friends. She recently graduated from the China University of Geoscience in Beijing in June 2014, where she spent her days studying English a bit, but mostly doing volunteer jobs, making new friends in the community, and exploring different places in China. You can find Coco reading, climbing, and singing when she is free; yes, singing with friends in the Chinese KTV is her favorite! In the last semester of college, Coco participated in 哥哥姐姐, which is organized by JUMP! and the Beijing-based NGO, BEAM. She designed and facilitated ten 1-hour  workshops for migrant students in Beijing. It felt so great to her to be a part of inspiring these Chinese youth and helping them realize their dreams (“realize” meaning both one is to fully understand what those dreams are and to make them come true) that she then made up her mind to fully engage in experiential education to “Inspire, Empower, and Engage” youths after graduation. Coco feels so lucky to be a member of the great JUMP! team!!