d’Arcy Lunn – Senior Facilitator

d’Arcy Lunn is from Australia, once-upon-a-time-ago.  He is a registered teacher and educator who is passionate about teaching, sharing, volunteering, travel and learning. For the past 14 years his passions have taken him to more than 60 countries around the world – including Kyrgyzstan, Arctic Canada and recently back in Africa working with UNICEF in Uganda.

Since 2009 d’Arcy has delivered a mix of information and inspiration in over 400 presentations and workshops to a blend of audiences from schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, community groups, panels, Rotary, Lions, government, at conferences and in many other forums.

d’Arcy’s vast array of experiences has seen him work as a teacher (rarely in his own country), project innovator, campaign manager, program manager and communications specialist.

d’Arcy’s dream and living is to see of a world without extreme poverty for everyone, everywhere & forever!


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