Duke Xu – China Partnership Manager

Duke is proud to be a native Shanghainese who knows where to find the most authentic local food in the city. Duke grew up playing basketball, starting in middle school where he dreamed of one day landing on the NBA courts as a professional player. Accompanying the growth of a boy, basketball has taught Duke the importance of teamwork and grit; however, the dream took a detour once he stopped growing in high school. His childhood within the Chinese education system inspired him to pursue a deeper understanding of education, practically and academically, and his lifelong goal is to build an equal, safe, and transformative learning environment for all youth no matter where they are from.
Later, Duke obtained his Master’s degree in International Education Policy & Management at Vanderbilt University. Along the journey, Duke initiated two technology start-up projects that one of the top accelerators in China has invested in as co-founder. He also led a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting stronger relationships between college students from China and the U.S. Most recently, he supported a leadership academy to train school principals in the U.S as a program assistant.
Currently, Duke lives in the city of Beijing, surrounded by rich history and charming hutongs. In his spare time, you will find him on the basketball court, continuing to pursue his childhood dream.

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