The goal of the JUMP! Global Leadership Day is to provide an opportunity for students in the wider community to come together and explore the idea of leadership in a globalized, multicultural context. Students will consider how leadership skills, critical thinking, conflict resolution and confidence factor into being a community leader.  Students leave the program with an awareness of their own leadership style and how to put important leadership skills and tools into action in their personal lives, communities, and future careers.



Personal Leadership

Create a safe space for students to discover who they are as individuals, community members and global citizens. Engage students in the development of personal leadership skills. Introduce students to personal development models they can incorporate into their lives.

Community Leadership

Provide tools and techniques for communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration. Empower students to take leadership roles in a supportive community.



US$120 per participant (CNY 745)




dotPacked Lunch 

dot Water Bottle



          SHANGHAI: Saturday April 26th, 2014

          BANGKOK: Saturday April 26th, 2014

Don’t see your city listed? Email to bring GLD to your city.



You must be a high school student between 14 and 17 years old to attend.



BLOCK 1: Introduction to JUMP!

An introduction to JUMP! and the goals and purpose of the Global Leadership Day as students break the ice,  energize, and get to know one another.

 Key Questions – Why am I here?  What is JUMP?

  • Introduction to JUMP!, facilitators, and students
  • Introduction to JUMP! facilitation tools (e.g., Hand of Reason, Five Finger Throw)
  • Ice-breakers to get students energized and comfortable with one another

BLOCK 2: Personal Leadership

Students explore the various styles, qualities, and characteristics of effective leaders and come to understand their own personal leadership style and the role they play within a team or community.

Key Questions – What makes a good leader? What are the different styles and types of leadership? What kind of leader am I?

  • Whole group challenge and discussion on what makes a good leader
  • Introduce models on varied leadership styles
  • Series of group challenges and reflection encouraging students to hone their personal leadership style

BLOCK 3: Communication and Conflict Resolution

Through a series of team challenges, students  are challenged to communicate effectively with one another and are provided with skills and tools to successfully resolve conflict.

Key Questions – How does communication relate to leadership? How do we communicate? How does our communication impact those around us?

  • Introduce tools for group communication and achieving consensus
  • A series of group challenges pointing to the importance of verbal and non‐verbal communication when trying to achieve a group goal
  • Challenges that allow students to develop effective communication and work through potential conflicts

BLOCK 4: Community Leadership and Collaboration

Students work together to create a vision for collaboration and work together to set goals for transferring their new knowledge and skills into their schools and communities.

Key Questions – How can I take what I learned back to my community?

  • Rapid idea creation exercise to visualize the community
  • Introduce models for community collaboration
  • Activities focused on group sharing of community perspectives and goals
  • Personal  and group goal setting for applying the skills learned during the program

BLOCK 5: Closing and Reflections

Students end the day with group reflection on key learning experiences throughout the day and an appreciation of the contributions of their peers.

Key Questions – What is my greatest takeaway from this program? How have my peers contributed to my learning?

  • Group challenge to highlight the progress students have made as a community
  • Final activities reflecting on the JUMP! program experience and appreciating the contributions of everyone involved
  • Program evaluation



All JUMP! Programs are created through the lens of experiential education, a holistic approach to learning in which an individual is exposed to new activities, cultures, ideas, and environments. To harness the learning potential, all JUMP! programs utilize reflection and intention-based learning as a means for an individual to solidify his/her unique experience.