A nomad relocates to survive.

A global nomad takes this to the universal human level – eagerly taking this journey within and confidently moving beyond horizons not just to survive but to live with purpose.

Global nomads are experts of exploring:

    • Themselves to become the people they wish to be
    • Others (people and communities, cultures and languages, philosophies and experiences) in order to build meaningful connections

Global nomads are learners who are open to discovery, change and challenge.

Global nomads are adventurers.

Mountain Range

About the GLOBAL NOMADS program:

Global Nomads are immersive summer experiences designed for youth aged 14-18 who are excited about challenging themselves, exploring their passions and growing their potential.

JUMP!’s framework of personal, community, and global development guides the design of these trips. Global Nomads programs thus become powerful vehicles for exploring the following themes:

    • Personal discovery and development
    • Exploration of community in diverse cultures
    • Understanding of global citizenship

Inspire. Empower. Engage.


The JUMP! Difference

All JUMP! Programs are created through the lens of experiential education, a holistic approach to learning in which an individual is exposed to new ideas, activities, environments and cultures. To harness the learning potential, all JUMP! programs utilize reflection and intention-based learning as a means for an individual to solidify his/her unique experience. Participants are challenged to “create their own experience,” emphasizing personal responsibility and autonomy over the learning process.

JUMP! facilitators are dedicated experiential educators and are passionate about working with youth. From diverse regions and backgrounds, each facilitator has their own unique leadership style making every experience original. JUMP! facilitators are certified and experienced, with proven abilities to meet the industry’s best practices in risk management, and international safety.

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2015 Programs


Global Nomads Canada   Global Nomads Thailand

Booking a spot

Application deadline May 15

To sign up for one of the Global Nomad programs participants are asked to:


Once your application has been reviewed and you are accepted onto the program you will be asked to:

    • Pay an initial deposit via wire transfer to JUMP!
      – In case you will pull out of the program this deposit will not be returned to you
      – If for any reason the program is cancelled, this deposit will be returned to you
    • Pay the total amount for the program before the 30th of May
    • The price does not include flights and visa costs

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