Global Nomads Thailand 2015

Global Nomads Thailand

Where: Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Bangkok
Start/Finish: Bangkok
When: 12 July – 01 August 2015
Who: 12 students, 3 international facilitators (English speaking)
How much? US$3250

Exploring the many different aspects of a foreign land and investigating your personal attitudes and dreams, this will be a journey of insights. Does the sound of engaging with indigenous Thai communities, exploring ancient cities, and adventuring in the jungle-covered Himalayan foothills in Thailand sound like something you’d like to do this summer?

Join us on the Global Nomads Thailand program where you will:

    • Immerse yourself in the rich and complex culture of Thailand
      – Explore the historical city of Chiang Mai
      – Attend a silent meditation retreat
      – Stay at a village homestay
      – Take part in a traditional Thai apprenticeship (weaving, medicine, blacksmith)
      – Investigate the different scenes of the buzzing city of Bangkok
    • Challenge yourself and grow
      – Meditate
      – Learn new skills
      – Take part in workshops and discussions
      – Try different adventure sports (kayaking, rock climbing, caving and trekking)

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The experience will begin with one week in Chiang Mai where participants will focus on cultural awareness and personal challenge through market explorations, rock climbing, trekking, kayaking, cave exploration and a silent meditation retreat.

From Chiang Mai students will travel to Mae Hong Son and the Huay Puling District to live, work and learn alongside the Karen ethnic minority communities in the Thai-Burmese border region. Students will live in homestays, hike trade routes, meet with village elders and participate in two day local craft apprenticeship. The rural villages provide an incredible opportunity to observe a community that works together to share resources, maintain sustainable agriculture practices, and preserve traditions. These indigenous communities face incredible challenges in a quickly developing country and students will begin to formulate new ideas and innovative strategies for approaching community and global issues.

The program will conclude in Bangkok where students will explore issues of development and observe the effects of rapid economic and infrastructure growth. Participants will discover Bangkok’s rich history, cultural diversity, and most famous landmarks.

Global Nomads Thailand 2015 Itinerary:

Thailand Itinerary

Global Nomads Thailand is run in partnership with CMRCA.
Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures

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Booking a spot

Application deadline May 15th
To sign up for Global Nomads Thailand participants are asked to:


Once your application has been reviewed and you are accepted onto the program you will be asked to:

    • Pay an initial deposit via wire transfer to JUMP!
      – In case you will pull out of the program this deposit will not be returned to you
      – If for any reason the program is cancelled, this deposit will be returned to you
    • Pay the total amount for the program before the 30th of May
    • The price does not include flights and visa costs