JUMP! Impact

We are a non-profit social enterprise that links youth from underserved communities with international resources.

Empowering Youth

The JUMP! Impact Fund is an initiative created by the JUMP! Foundation to bring experiential education to youth in underserved communities. The JUMP! Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise that uses experiential education to advance a world in which individuals, community leaders, and global citizens realize their passions and potential.


JUMP! envisions a world where young people fulfill their true potential as individuals, community leaders, and global citizens. This applies to all youth, regardless of background or circumstance.


As a non-profit social enterprise, we commit a portion of our annual surplus to the JUMP! Impact Fund as well as in-kind donations, supporting community development locally and globally.


Fully committed to empowerment, we allow participants in our programs to not only create ideas, but bring those ideas to life with the support of microgrants and mentorship.


In support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, we incorporate the SDG’s into all of our programs’ curriculum to inspire youth to think about how to link their local communities with a global movement.



Over the past 10 years JUMP! has delivered programs in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia and North America. We partner with schools, NGOs, and like-minded businesses around the world to consistently grow our reach.


Without Partners Organizations our programs would not be possible. Close to a decade of running programs has taught us that the key to sustainable impact goes hand in hand with sustainable partnerships.

The Challenge?

Today, children and youth aged 24 years and below make up nearly 40 percent of the world’s population, many of whom are concentrated in underdeveloped countries.

Major challenges in these regions include inequity of wealth distribution, lack of employment opportunities, and rapid urbanization.

The marginalization of youth in this context carries enormous negative implications for our global future as it causes a sense of disenfranchisement and lack of upward mobility, which can lead to ethnic, religious, and political conflicts.

Our Response?

Innovative programming that utilizes experiential education to transform youth from underserved communities into globally competitive leaders able to bring positive change to their own lives and the world.

We pair this approach with a unique methodology which brings together local NGOs, leaders, and youth to create sustainable impact.

Where we Work

Our JUMP! Leadership Programs

A one-year initiative that supports youth in under-resourced communities worldwide in becoming agents of changes. By partnering with community-based organizations around the world, we work with youth to build their social capital, develop invaluable skills, and design creative solutions for local challenges.

Our Global Potential Programs

A New York-based project, Global Potential transforms youth from underserved communities in New York, Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic through education, service learning and cultural exchange into globally competitive leaders of positives change in their lives and communities.

Champions of Change

Be part of the change.

With your support, we can do even more to empower the youth of these communities.


Not tied to one or two initiatives, Changemakers make up our largest base. Putting trust in the hands of our passionate and experienced team, ensuring your support creates the greatest positive impact.


Unrestricted Sponsorship: 2,000 USD – 1,000,000 USD


Part of a long-term strategy for JUMP! Leadership Programs, Visionaries support JUMP! Impact Partnerships for a 5-year duration, allowing us to accomplish an enormous amount of impact throughout that time. This leads to significant improvements with our partner communities.

Sponsorship: 25,000+ USD


Just one idea can inspire and catalyze global change. Innovators see the power of our JUMP! Leader- ship Programs and commit to supporting one.

Sponsorship: 5,000+ USD


Global Potential Fellows immerse themselves in a 15-month experience that is truly life-changing – not only for them, but for the communities that they serve. At home and abroad, Advocates support an individual Fellow through their journey.

Sponsorship: 2,500+ USD



Young Changemakers Reached

Youth-Led Community Projects Implemented

Countries Covered

JUMP! Impact Partners

Without Partners Organizations our programs would not be possible. Close to a decade of running programs has taught us that the key to sustainable impact goes hand in hand with sustainable partnerships. We partner with local organizations that share our philosophy and together we work to empower youth through transformational programming.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If so, our team is always happy to get an email or phone call. For the most common questions, we’ll try to cover them in the sections below:

Is my donation tax deductible?

For individuals who pay taxes in the United States of America or Hong Kong, you are eligible to make your donation tax deductible.

Who does JUMP! Impact work with?

We work with established community-based organizations who are serving marginalized youth locally and have a proven track record of success.

All of our partners go through a due diligence process to ensure that our mission, philosophies, and organizational values are aligned.

We typically partner with 1 or 2 new organizations each year.

How do you build your programs?

The process of building our programs is intentional, purposeful, and focused on the participant needs. This can take anywhere from one-month to nine-months to design and tailor a program. We do have locations and thematic programs that serve as a base in tailoring to the individual school or student group. When using these base locations and themes, we can rely on our institutional knowledge and expertise to delve even deeper.

What is a JUMP! Program?

A program is a learning experience, either in a traditional building or outside in the world. We develop 3 types of programs at JUMP!:

  • J! Schools: Programs utilizing personal development, community building, and global citizenship methods to enhance learning on a campus.
  • J! Experiences: Programs venturing into the real world outside the walls of the school.
  • J! Impact: Programs working with local partners in underserved communities in the regions we work in most.
What is The JUMP! Foundation?

JUMP! is a non–profit social enterprise that works to inspire, empower, and engage individuals in leadership development, community building, and global citizenship education. We do this by developing, designing, and running purposeful experiential education programs.