Irene Wu – JUMP! Development Partnership Manager

Forever a practical idealist, Irene has tried to create meaningful social changes by performing as a professional musician, teaching youngsters in schools, contributing to state-wide education initiatives and federal research studies, and working on community development projects. Born in Beijing and raised in Japan and Hong Kong, Irene took a leap of faith to theUnited States at the age of 15 in search for a better education. Her experience living and working in five drastically varied countries across three continents convinced her that social cohesion is a prerequisite for sustainable development, and education is the gateway to achieving social cohesion. Irene is incredibly grateful and humbled that through her work with JUMP!, she gets to work alongside future generations as they discover their responsibility as global citizens, develop as changemakers, and ultimately, work collectively to leave the world a little bit (or a lot) better than how they inherited it.

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