JUMP! Leadership Conference

Since 2009 JUMP! Foundation partnered with Global Potential, a non-profit organization that uses practical, holistic techniques to teach leadership and change making skills, in addition to advocating for community growth and global citizenship. Over the past seven years Global Potential and JUMP! have co-organized and brought to life 24 Youth Leadership Conferences in communities throughout Haiti, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and the United States, with 2,859 total participants since 2009. The success of these programs has inspired us to organize a global youth development initiative called the JUMP! Leadership Conference – a series of conferences that equip youth to change the realities of their own communities.

What makes JUMP! Leadership Conference unique and meaningful is that it combines design thinking, open-space technology and rights-based approach by creating the infrastructure to cultivate and support young change-makers from underserved areas in their journey to tackle the toughest challenges in their personal lives and communities. JUMP channels these efforts by facilitating knowledge-sharing through Open Space conference model and catalyzing youth innovation for social entrepreneurship and sustainable development by providing access to mentors and capital they need to start their venture.

Our projects in 2016 and 2017




In 2016, we partner with local organizations to run leadership conferences in ThailandKenya, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua and China. We’re organizing several conferences in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and China for 2017.

These projects aim to inspire youth-led positive change in under-served communities by:
Developing capacity of:

  • Local organization
  • Youth participants

Unlocking knowledge and solutions from:

  • Local organization
  • Youth participants

Developing best practices for how to:

  • Engage youth in leadership development
  • Create impactful and sustainable community building projects

JUMP! Leadership Conference model is a 3-step process to inspire youth-led positive change-making initiatives in local communities:

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