Jacqueline Aldrovandi

Born and raised north of Toronto, Canada, Jacqueline Aldrovandi is living the dream trying to find a balance between her love for working with youth and her passion for international development.  Jacqueline was a full-time member of the JUMP! team in Beijing from 2011-2014, acting as a Partnership Manager, China Program Director, and most recently as the Global Program Director.  Before moving to China, she spent eight years working at a summer camp for inner city girls and volunteering in rural Thailand at a children’s home for displaced youth. Jacqueline has also worked as an intern at Free The Children in Toronto and as a research assistant for the 2010 Millennium Summit/Sommet du Millénaire in Montréal. She loves baking, reading, playing, laughing, and spending time with her family and friends. Jacqueline holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a double minor in International Development and Educational Psychology from McGill University in Montréal.