Gulf of Thailand

Climate Action Expedition – Petchaburi – Sam Roi Yot

Experience first-hand the challenges of living and traveling under carbon-neutral conditions on this educational trip. You will discover the difficulties in achieving this goal as individuals and the need for collective action to address climate change. Over the course of your journey, you will explore the real-world impacts of climate change on Thailand’s people and ecosystems and gain a deeper understanding of the role that nature-based solutions and Global South communities play in mitigating its effects. This trip is an opportunity to learn about sustainable living and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change, with an experience that will give you the knowledge and mindset to apply it to your daily life.

Wildlife Conservation & Service – Petchaburi

Explore the fascinating world of wildlife conservation as you join forces with local organizations to care for a diverse array of animals, including gibbons, macaques, orangutans, bears, otters, civets, reptiles, birds, and many more. As you work in teams, you will play an active role in the daily care of these creatures, learning how to properly feed and water them, clean their enclosures, create stimulating enrichments, and tackle other maintenance tasks that keep the center running smoothly.

Beyond the hands-on work, you will have the opportunity to engage with experts and dive deeper into the complexities of animal welfare and conservation. You will learn about different components of government-sponsored breeding programs and refuge centers, compare them to the negative impacts of illegal wildlife trade, and discover what sets a responsible zoo or conservation center apart. It’s an opportunity to not only make a difference for the animals, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation and the crucial role it plays in preserving biodiversity.


Wildlife & Community Connections -Prechuap Khiri Khan

Experience the beauty of Sam Roi Yot, Pranburi, and Kuiburi as you learn about the delicate balance between human communities and wildlife in this unique program. Paddle through mangroves, hike through forests, and search for wild elephants as you consider the challenges and opportunities that arise when humans and wildlife coexist. Throughout the program, you will gain insights into sustainable community practices, learn about conservation and ecosystem management, and build a sense of community with your fellow students. With its breathtaking scenery and thought-provoking curriculum, this program promises to be an unforgettable and meaningful experience.

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