Joshua Gortney – Director of JUMP! China

Born in Northeast Ohio, Joshua Gortney can tell you every notable person who was born, raised, or spent any significant amount of time in the Buckeye state. Joshua went to undergrad on a track scholarship, but his plans to become an Olympic pole vaulter took a backseat to his plans to intersect his interests in politics, education, and travel. After a year spent in Hangzhou as part of a Masters in International Education, Joshua just couldn’t get enough of schooling so ventured forth to a second Masters in International Relations at Hong Kong University. Along the way, he taught English at two vocational schools in China, worked as a researcher at the largest teacher’s union in the US, and most currently has been managing partnerships as the Director of External Relations at an educational non-profit in Washington, D.C. In his spare time, you can find Joshua taking photos on an old-school film camera and running, but not at the same time.