JUMP! Facilitator Training – Beijing

The JUMP! Foundation is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and engaging youth to realize their potential as global citizens and leaders via experiential education. To do this, we facilitate programs to youth around the world in schools and in outdoor and cultural experiences — we need you to join our team of facilitators!!

JUMP! facilitators are crucial players in shaping, planning, designing, coaching, leading, and challenging students to discover their motivations and passions, to share effective leadership tools for their own use and adaptation, and to encourage students to question the world around them. J! facilitators use experiential education as the driving force behind these personal, community, and global development experiences; experiential education in its simplest form is the process of learning which occurs when one does some activity, reflects upon that experience, and through that reflection gains some greater understanding or knowledge.

During facilitator training, we will discuss further this idea of experiential education in the JUMP! context, facilitate JUMP! activities, and engage in facilitation practice. The goal of this training is to have you join our global facilitator network with the aim to facilitate programs to youth globally, but especially in China.


Dates: Saturday & Sunday, April 11-12, 2015 

Cost: Free

Location: Beijing

If interested, please contact Samantha Luu at Samantha.luu@jumpfoundation.org by Sunday, April 5, 2015.





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