JUMP!er back at school

It’s been 12 years since I graduated from UWC Dover, and during that time clearly much has changed: a new campus, primary school students everywhere and thousands of new learners! But there was a nice fuzzy feeling brewing inside me while we facilitated the Student Leader program on Sunday because being in the room with UWC students and educators felt so familiar. Some things will never change – the positive attitudes, willingness to challenge oneself, and great energy were all still there, just like 18 years ago when I first stepped into a UWC classroom.




It was great to be back and to see everyone working together and learning about each other and their common goal – hosting an awesome Round Square Conference. I have no doubt that this year’s Round Square Conference at UWCSEA in Singapore is going to be a hit!


Student leaders started to develop their knowledge and facilitation skills and as the weeks progress they will surely grow into fantastic facilitators ready to inspire and connect students from all around the world on the theme of “Act Today, Change Tomorrow”. While the students learned about roles of a facilitator, the educators at the program were eagerly involved in designing a fantastic curriculum for the upcoming weeks in order to support the students’ development into knowledgeable, confident, and mindful facilitators. There is no stopping them now!


Thank you UWC East for hosting the program this weekend. Wishing you all continued inspiration, passion and energy for your ongoing preparations for the Round Square Conference!


Written by JUMP!er Kash Izydorczyk