Justin Bedard

Born in Lilongwei, Malawi, Justin Bedard spent his childhood playing in the islands of Indonesia and his formative years exploring the depth and history of culture in China. He now lives in Bangkok, Thailand and is the Executive Director of the JUMP! Foundation, a non-profit social enterprise focused on leadership development.  Justin has a strong passion for community development and educational innovation, and he is recognized for his commitment to youth programs around the world.  Justin has filled his life with adventure guiding, organizational consulting, leadership facilitation, community development, and time playing in the wilderness. He is a co-founder of the JUMP! Foundation and has been a key driving force behind JUMP’s growth and development since 2006. In addition to his work with JUMP!, Justin currently sits on the board of directors for two non-profits:  Educo Canada (British Columbia, Canada) & Sports Beijing (Beijing, China).  Justin has also been a key contributor to the development of the Global Issues Network (GIN) as an advisor on GIN’s International Council of Advisors, and was co-creator of the WAB Wild Outdoor Education Program at the Western Academy of Beijing.  Justin has been awarded the Canadian St. John’s Ambulance Award of Merit and the Dragon Award for Courage and Service to Humanity. He is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences and has spoken at Round Square International Conferences, the Round Square Regional Conference for Africa, the Round Square Regional Conference for Australia, TEDx Events, East Asian Conference for Overseas Schools Conferences, the European Council of International Schools Conference, and Global Issues Network Conferences in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. Most importantly, Justin is a passionate mountaineer and enjoys spending as much time as he can on mountain peaks around the world.