Kim Casipe – Facilitator

Kim grew up as an advocate and a lover of life. She recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in the Philippines. As a biologist, she has always seen the gap between scientists and people from local communities when it comes to scientific information being translated to address environmental and socio-economic dilemmas leading to her passion for environmental education with emphasis on interconnectivity and ecological understanding. She is an alumni of Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Academic Fellowship on Environmental Issues, where she undergone environmental leadership training at East West Center.

Kim works as a research assistant for the conservation and management of the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins. She has facilitated various trainings and workshops with local communities. She has also been volunteering in different environmental camps as a facilitator and a lecturer.

Kim enjoys engaging with children and youth, as well as educators in her country. She deeply desires to mobilize and motivate people to becoming good stewards of nature, and develop a sense of kinship and love for both nature and people through experiential learning.

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