Light-bulb Moments are Pretty Special and Pretty Regular when JUMP!ing

I had one of those feelings. One when for a few moments, things just slow down, or when for a few moments, we look at a situation from above…


I was giving a workshop as part of a global citizenship education tour I am currently doing in Asia. Students were drawing creative, silly, profound, and elaborate pictures of what a global citizen thinks, feels, says, and does.


Having given over 400 global awareness presentations in the past, I have been extremely privileged to have seen many light-bulb moments in the faces, expressions, questions, and comments from audiences. On this particular occasion, I saw light-bulb moments—but they were not coming from me standing in front of people telling them stuff about the world. It was coming from within themselves, from their peers, and especially the kinds of students who usually don’t have those moments in a presentation.


There are a few profound things that have come to mind since this moment:

  1. JUMP! provides all audiences plenty of opportunities to have breakthroughs in self-awareness, leadership, empowerment, global citizenship and more
  2. A lot of these breakthroughs come from within which I think are more powerful than someone speaking at you in order to uplift you for just a moment
  3. JUMP! hits the kinds of students who aren’t already in the game of social justice, environmental awareness, or global citizenship and it does it on their terms. It preaches less to the converted and is more accessible to the norm
  4. JUMP! has personally boosted my effectiveness as a global citizenship educator. I now have this new superpower tool belt of activities, experiential learning, crowd control, and student interaction that I didn’t have in my previous presentation life


In essence, I will be eternally grateful for the tools, skills, and experience JUMP! has provided me so that I may be the best humanitarian I can be to move towards my ambitions of seeing a world without extreme poverty. Without JUMP! being a part of my life, and now in my DNA, I know I wouldn’t feel as effective in making the world a better place for people and the planet.


While JUMP! is all about supporting other people reaching their full potential for themselves, their community, and globe, I know it certainly is doing that for me…


I have a sense of privilege about the light-bulb moments I get to see and feel–JUMP! has offered the opportunities, methods and depth for me to do that.


If JUMP! is having this effect on me as a facilitator and fan, I know there must be a significant impact on those who step under the umbrella of a JUMP! program.


Happy JUMP!ing and lots of lightbulbs!



Cheers, d’Arcy.

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