Lu Yi – Facilitator

Lu Yi was born and raised in Hunan, a province in Southern China. He participated in some charity associations in college and did an internship at a Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) enterprise. His passion in public welfare had led him to join Teach for China as a voluntary teacher once he had graduated from Sun Yat-sen University with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2011. After two years in an mountainous elementary school as “Mr. Lu”, he stayed for another year in Teach for China as a program manager, whose priority is to train and support teaching fellows. In April 2015, LU Yi JUMP!ed in as a program coordinator.
One hobby of Lu Yi is long distance cycling. In the summer of 2012, he cycled 34 days, over 2000 kms, all the way from Lijiang, Yunan to Lhasa, Tibet! He also loves travelling, hiking and camping.