2016 JUMP展培青少年领导力发展峰会·中国北京



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  • 一个可以发表个人观点的客观,中立,开放与安全的环境
  • 与众多青少年在两天的会议中建立并收获友谊和更加强大的人际社交网络
  • 体验不同于传统课堂的教育方式,感受真正的开放空间教育技术
  • 针对各自社群及国际社区中存在的挑战进行讨论并探索解决方案
  • 一个了解不同的NGO,以及他们在一线工作情况的平台
  • 与导师、社会企业家、非营利组织代表直接对话,给未来开启更多的可能
  • 根据你的方案,赢得社会创新种子基金,发起茶匙改变行动来实施你的想法
  • 将有机会与泰国,肯尼亚,海地,尼加拉瓜和多米尼加共和国的JUMP青少年领导力国际峰会的参会者互动















JUMP!展培合作经理 徐毅凯:duke.xu@jumpfoundation.org

JUMP!展培会议官员 任佳悦:jiayue.ren@jumpfoundation.org


Make Changes Happen, Join the 2016 JUMP! Leadership Conference

2016 JUMP! Leadership Conference in China

Dates: 5 – 6 November 2016

Location: International School of Beijing (ISB), China

Submission deadline: 14 October 2016

Funding Support:

The JUMP! Leadership Conference will fully cover the costs of accommodation and daily meals for all the participants, facilitators and volunteers. JUMP! Foundation and other partners will cover the transportation costs for the participants came from countryside and rural areas.

About the Conference:

Youth are the agents of positive change. To answer the call for action on Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by United Nations, JUMP! Foundation launched a youth leadership conference.

The JUMP! Leadership Conference will be held 5 – 6 November in Beijing, China. The 2-day conference intends to create an open, inclusive, and safe environment bringing together 50 youths aged from 16 to 23 with diverse cultural, socioeconomic backgrounds—a cross-section of young scholars, youth advocates, social entrepreneurs, and many more. Youth will be inspired, empowered, and engaged through active learning, collective brainstorming, open discussion, and idea prototyping in participatory workshops. The Conference will contribute to the development of youth, particularly those most disadvantaged and vulnerable, to develop empathy, foster a sense of community, and raise awareness and initiative to tackle community and global challenges. They will ultimately become a main force to make the 17 United Nation’s Global SDGs a reality!


The JUMP! Leadership Conference experience provides:

  • An open, objective, and safe place for you to share your views
  • During two days conference, build friendship with other youth participants, a much stronger personal network
  • Experience the open space education technology, which different from traditional classes
  • A chance to discuss and share ideas on today’s most compelling issues of local and international communities
  • A great platform for youth to learn about various NGOs that are tackling global challenges
  • A direct and deep conversation with facilitators, panelists, entrepreneurs and representatives of NGOs, gain more possibilities to your future
  • According to your project, win the society innovative seed fund, start the teaspoon of change to implement your ideas
  • An opportunity to connect with other youth participants of JLC Thailand, Kenya, Haiti, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic

If you are interested to become part of JUMP! Leadership Conference as one of the participants, facilitators, volunteers, partners and observers, please fill in the corresponding form via the links below:


JUMP! Leadership Conference Application Form for Participants


JUMP! Leadership Conference Application Form for Facilitators


JUMP! Leadership Conference Application Form for Volunteers


JUMP! Leadership Conference Application Form for Partners


JUMP! Leadership Conference Information Form for Observers


Thank you for your interest in the JUMP! Leadership Conference! We will announce the results of applications on 20 October 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact:

JUMP! Partnership Manager Duke Xu at duke.xu@jumpfoundation.org

JUMP! Leadership Conference Officer Jiayue Ren at jiayue.ren@jumpfoundation.org

The official WeChat account of JUMP! Foundation: JUMP展培

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