Not Always a Changemaker but Always Myself

On the 17th of January, 4 Jump! facilitators came to our school for a two-day leadership training program with our Leadership Team. There were about 20 of us, I think. This was the first JUMP! program at our school, and we all had a lot of fun together.


On the first day, I went straight to the carpeted room on the fifth floor in the middle school building right after I got off the school bus. I was really excited because we got to miss class on a school day, and we were the only ones on the floor because all the classrooms were below us. When I went into the room, I saw all the kids surrounding the four facilitators in a circle and we were doing some exercise where we just did whatever the facilitators were doing. We were basically just doing some kind of weird dance, something a gym teacher would let you do in the beginning of a class. I remember that they also played some music while we were doing that – “We Found Love” by Rihanna, I think it was. We went through the whole song twice. After that, the facilitator who led the “dance” threw the “ball of focus” to the male facilitator. The ball of focus is something the facilitators used to get everyone’s attention. The male facilitator led an activity called “lava pit”. In this activity, we were split into teams, and we had to cross the lava pit without touching the “lava”. At first, it was really chaotic because we didn’t really know how we could do it. So we had to do it over and over again, but both teams figured out different strategies to get across together, eventually.


After “Lava Pit”, we did a few activities to just introduce ourselves. I learned the facilitators’ names – Jac, Hannah, Mei and Bo. We did a lot of fun different activities together, but my favorite was “Growth Mountain”. The whole program was divided into different blocks, and “Growth Mountain” was part of the “Self Discovery” block. Growth Mountain is a diagram that Mei showed us. This was a very emotional and intentional experience for me because sometimes I have difficulties trying to find out who I am. This activity helped me identify where I am in different situations – the ridge of relaxation, growth peak or panic cliff. Mei would call out a prompt, and we would all stand where we think we are on the Growth Mountain according to the prompt. I remember one of the prompts was “taking a math test” and I immediately went to stand on the bottom of panic cliff. The only time I stood on top of Growth Mountain was when she said “Living in Beijing”. When she was done with all her prompts, she asked us if we’d like to share some. I remember that I shared the last one, and I said “Playing Sports”. Everyone was either on the ridge of relaxation or growth peak except for me – I was on the bottom of panic cliff. I felt a little left out at the moment, but I was also kind of proud of myself for being honest. Through this activity, I had the opportunity to identify where I am, what I need to work on, and how I am different from others. I also learned that not all people are perfect at everything, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.


JUMP! was an incredible experience for me! I learned how to work better as a group and an individual. What I really liked about this program is the different ways we learned to identify ourselves. Sometimes we’re prisoners; sometimes we’re vacationers; sometimes we’re changemakers; sometimes we’re on the ridge of relaxation; sometimes we’re on Growth Peak; sometimes we’re on panic cliff; sometimes we’re storming; and sometimes we’re settling down… We’re not always going to be on growth peak, and we’re not always going to be change-makers, but we will always be ourselves. That’s the most important thing I learned through this Jump! experience. So thank you so much, Jump!

Himang Chandola Park

Jump! Participant

Beijing International Bilingual Academy Grade 7

BIBA MS Leadership Team member

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