Towards the end of June 2019, members of the JUMP! Global Board of Directors met in Bangkok for our annual summer board retreat and meeting. Throughout the weekend, our board engaged in conversations  that examined our current position as an organization. We explored exciting opportunities and developed a clear path forward for how we can continue to work towards our mission to inspire, empower, and engage youth from around the world.  One idea that we have decided to put into action immediately is to strengthen our connections with the educators we work with so that we can use their expertise to more effectively support the youth we serve.

In our efforts to work towards further engaging our community of educators, the JUMP! Foundation has decided to re-initiate our Educator Advisory Council. This council will serve JUMP!’s mission by providing advice on program design so we can continue creating innovative and relevant curriculum for all of our current and future programs.

We believe this council will help us better meet the ever-evolving needs of the youth and schools that we serve. Working with educators who know our partners’ experience first-hand will give us insight into the community and location-based opportunities for growth. It will also allow us to maintain a deeper commitment to the communities and organizations that we currently work with as we continue expanding.

The council will be composed of twelve educators that have previously worked with the JUMP! Foundation. In constructing this group of individuals, JUMP! will be conscious of maintaining a diverse representation of our stake holders. We believe a combination of multiple identities will construct the most valuable perspectives. Each of the key  partner schools that we work with will have a reserved seat on the council and all other membership will be through invitation. This advisory council will meet four times a year and will work closely with our Strategy Committee. Over the next two months our Partnership Directors will be reaching out to all of our partner schools to recruit this group of individuals who can best advise us using a future-forward mindest.  

JUMP! values the work, skill sets, and knowledge of educators. We are consistently inspired by the talented people that we work with and foresee significant value brought by the council to our organization. We look forward to working together to create positive change!

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