Qin Dong – Program Officer

Qin was born in Shanxi province and majored in Philosophy at Jilin University. While she was in college, she had a life-changing experience: an study abroad trip to Finland. It was her first chance to immerse herself in a different culture and start to reflect on the educational system she grew up with in China. Driven by the desire to delve deeper into international education, she then chose to do her 6-month internship at GJIS, one of the leading international schools in Jakarta. In Qin’s early stage of professional life, nothing had a bigger impact on her understanding of rural China than her two-year Teach for China fellowship in a remote town in Yunnan Province. It helped her realize that the meaning of education is not just to help the students develop learning skills, but to motivate them to have a wider range of personal development and then to develop the community they live in. After finishing her fellowship, she entered the corporate world and expected to be influential in boosting community development; however, it came to a point that she became clearly aware that her own passion was still in education, and she soon jumped over to one of the best experiential learning programs in the world: JUMP!

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