“Raise your hand if you can hear me”

There were loud noises.

There was chaos.

There were blindfolds.

There were ties used as blindfolds.

There were moments of brilliance exhibited by students as young as Year 6.

There was JUMP!ing.

In early December, form leaders in the KS3 years at Dulwich College Beijing led a 2-hour community-building PSHE session for their peers following a 2-day JUMP! Junior Facilitator training. During the training, these student leaders participated in and learned how to facilitate various activities ranging from Circle of Values for personal discovery to Diversity Circle for community discovery to Leadership Sherpa for community-building. On flipcharts as tall as some of the Junior Facilitators themselves, they planned a flow, likened to a lesson plan, for the 2-hour session. When the big day came for them to facilitate, Junior Facilitators donned their special navy JUMP! t-shirts and shone bright while wielding attention-grabbing tools, energizing activities, and a patience for “settling in the silence.” What is often forgotten is how mammoth of a task the students have in facilitating their peers: as adults facilitating youth, we have a much easier job commanding attention and respect from participants, but these students are facilitatingtheir peers, their football teammates, their lunch buddies, their crushes, their friends. They could not have done a better job of doing this – challenging themselves and their classmates – with little assistance from JUMP! Facilitators throughout the session.

Bringing the session into a larger view, the Junior Facilitator training program and 2-hour PSHE are part of an innovative partnership between The JUMP! Foundation and Dulwich College Beijing (DCB). Beginning with a Community Day for the entirety of KS3 in the fall, followed by the Junior Facilitator training, and an Educator Training (in which the Junior facilitators will assist) later this spring, JUMP!’s involvement with the DCB community will culminate in the students leading their own China Week Trips in June 2015. These trips will challenge DCB students to engage in Chinese history and culture as well as push themselves personally to adventure and conquer challenges that are as much mental as they are physical. JUMP! Facilitators will help in the coordination of the trips, but Educators and Junior Facilitators will play a crucial role in making this JUMP! Experience their own. The trips will be facilitated by the members of the DCB community with the students at the forefront. We are looking forward to seeing what this summer will bring, but all along the way, JUMP! and DCB will be collaborating to inspire, empower, and engage their community continually throughout the year.

For photos from the Junior Facilitator training, please see the JUMP! Facebook post!


Written by Sam Luu

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