Samantha Luu – Senior Program Manager

Hailing from North Carolina, Samantha Luu spent most of her childhood running around outside and playing every sport under the sun alongside her brother. Sam spent her days in college studying a bit, but mostly meeting new people, doing gymnastics, and getting involved in service-learning initiatives leading her to Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  In May 2014, she graduated from The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with B.A.’s in Global Studies and Anthropology, focusing on Latin America and Global Public Health. Very shortly after, she took off on her first stint abroad and came to Hangzhou to join JUMP! as a Princeton in Asia fellow. Exploring is one of Sam’s top extracurriculars: when she’s not peeking down another side street or trying to rally fellow adventurers, you can probably find her taste testing yet another street food stall. “If you can help others, why not,” said her parents, so she seeks to lead a life of service working with youth—needless to say, Sam is pumped to be part of the JUMP! team!