Serafina Tane – Facilitator

Serafina was born and raised in a religious cult in Aotearoa, New Zealand until the age of 17. When the cult fell apart she set off on a journey across continents to discover life in the real world.

Since then, she studied martial arts, lived through the Christchurch earthquakes, spent 6 years in corporate leadership, been a single mum – and that’s just some of her story!

Her daily life is dedicated to helping create a world where every person is empowered to own their freedom and to be who they choose to be. A world that embraces all of humanity as one community, with the same access and opportunity for everyone, everywhere.

She loves to connect, listen, learn, share and co-inspire with people from all cultures, backgrounds and ages. Serafina’s life experiences have taught her to see beyond the limitations of culture and social norms, to embrace change and create new ways of being and doing.

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