Experience all that the Land of Smiles has to offer – from trekking in the mountains of Chiang Mai to exploring the hidden side of Phuket. Students will be immersed in Thai culture and challenged to step out of their comfort zones, supporting opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

We partner with local community initiatives in 9 locations throughout Thailand to allow for intentional experiences, fostering an understanding of sustainable travel practices.


Program Themes: Outdoor Adventure, Environmental Literacy, Community Building

Key Activities: Traditional Mat Weaving, Mangrove Discovery, Elephant Conservation, Waterfall Trek

On an expedition to the beautiful city of Chanthaburi, students will have many opportunities to learn about what makes an effective and sustainable community. Students will rotate through an experience entailing an ecologically-focused trek, partake in community-based workshops and activities, hike through the forest to a waterfall, and embark on an adventure race through the historically rich, and culturally complex city of Chanthaburi.

By working with local leaders, students will observe the importance of community; fostering connections and teamwork. Their waterfall hike will encourage self-exploration and foster stronger bonds within their group. Students will dive into learning about Chanthaburi and neighboring Southeast Asian communities in Thailand. They will encounter a variety of situations along the way that will challenge and encourage self-exploration, community-building, leadership skills and engagement as a global citizen.


Program Themes: Outdoor Adventure, Community Building, Leadership

Key Activities: Kayaking, Biking, Swimming, Obstacle Courses, Sustainability Challenges

A journey to Chonburi will provide an opportunity for students to understand what makes an effective community as they learn about sustainability. All activities and accommodations occur at the Golf Club Resort and in the vicinity of a beautiful forested area. Activities available include kayaking, biking, obstacle courses, camp crafts, and sustainability challenges.

Each activity of the program is aimed at promoting specific outcomes. Kayaking provides students the opportunity to work on their communication skills. Biking and obstacle courses will help push students out of their comfort zones and problem solve. The sustainability-based activities are intended to teach the importance of global citizenship.


Program Theme: Service Learning, Community Building, Sustainable Development

Key Activities: Cycling, Kayaking, Bush Craft Skills, Team Building Activities, Outdoor Cooking

The Kaeng Krachan program takes an innovative approach to enhance students’ learning experience outside of the classroom. Participants will embark on an expedition that centers on experiential learning through a variety of physical and team challenges, testing the strengths of their own communication and leadership when placed in different environments.

This program emphasizes sustainable development and community service. Intentional facilitation and debriefing of these activities will allow individuals to draw meaning that can be applied to their own lives. Participants will have an opportunity to learn and practice outdoor living and travel skills from a variety of expert instructors with experience working with individuals of all ability levels.


Program Themes: Cultural Exchange, Peace + Conflict, Outdoor Adventure

Key Activities: Low Ropes Challenge Course, Cycling, Map Reading and Grid Reference

This trip to Kanchanaburi focuses on history and culture. The purpose of this trip is for students to learn about a specific region of Thailand and its history. Students may build confidence and self-esteem on this trip by challenging themselves with their own choice.

The range of activities includes kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, and other team challenges. Students learn about the history of Hellfire Pass and visit the Memorial Museum as they tie links to Southeast Asia’s involvement in World War II. It is a trip unique in nature, providing significant time in the outdoors yet maintaining a consistent academic connection.


Program Themes: Community Building, Global Citizenship, Outdoor Adventure

Key Activities: Night Safari, Open Canoeing, Conservation Exploration, Tent Setup and Camping

Khao Yai is a UNESCO world heritage site, just north of Bangkok, and the third-largest national park in Thailand. Students will be given the opportunity to test their survival skills and build their outdoor expedition toolbox as they push themselves out of their comfort zone through a series of physical activities.

While they explore, they will learn more about global citizenship and its impact on the world around them. During this experience, students will engage in conservation efforts, as well as work to further their understanding of Thailand’s ecosystem and mechanisms of sustainability. Students will be challenged by undertaking hikes through the national park and connect as a community through various team-building activities.


Program Themes: Leadership, Personal Discovery, Global Citizenship

Key Activities: Hiking, Adventure Race, Meal Preparation, Visiting Local NGOs, Temple Painting

Focused on personal identity, roles within communities, and global citizenship, this program takes place in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The experience is designed for students to rotate through a series of different activities each day, including trekking, an adventure race through the old city of Chiang Mai, visiting local organizations, and working as a team to create a “bridge to success.”

Students are introduced to models and activities that encourage self-exploration and community building. The bridge to success and trekking provide valuable context for students to better understand their own comfort zones, as well as teamwork dynamics. The adventure race encourages students to apply leadership skills in a community context, while encouraging action-planning and providing further insight into Thai culture. Visits to the different organizations in Chiang Mai will provide students an understanding of reforestation and ecological preservation.


Program Themes: Sustainable Development, Cultural Exchange, Global Citizenship

Key Activities: Private Island Camping, Gibbon Rehabilitation Center, Muay Thai, Hiking through the Rainforest

The Phuket program provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop their self-management, communication, critical thinking, and social skills in an outdoor setting. Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, provides scenic backdrops that range from long stretches of white sand beaches to lush primary rainforest. Unfortunately, its natural resources and ecosystems are under threat from unsustainable development practices and mass tourism.

Students will have the opportunity to step off the beaten tourist path in order to see what Phuket looked like previously, experience the interconnectedness of ecosystems, and work with organizations and national park rangers who are working to preserve the island’s nature. Students will be asked to think about how these learnings connect back to their home community and what they can do to live and promote sustainability.


Program Themes: Cultural Exchange, Service Learning, Sustainable Development

Key Activities: Teaching English in a Local School, Rice Harvesting, Temple Visits

This trip takes place in a beautiful province in the northeast of Thailand, Roi Et. Students will spend the duration of the trip with the local community Nong Phai Nong Wa. JUMP! will provide the space for students to interact with children and community members through teaching English, playing sports, and rice farming.

The purpose of this trip is to expose students to Thai culture. We provide this experience so that students are exposed to communities outside their own and think about ways they can support local livelihoods.

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