Thank you China

A month ago, I was sent from the Bangkok office to assist the JUMP! Beijing team with their major outdoor experience programs for the Dulwich College of Beijing. Being fairly new to JUMP!, I hadn’t yet participated in any JUMP! programs, nor had I ever traveled to China, and I was nervous and excited for my trip to Beijing. Now that my first journey in China has come to a close, and I get a chance to reflect over the past month, I am filled with a deep sense of accomplishment and inspiration for the future.
While facilitating these China programs, I was finally able to witness first hand, the magic that is a JUMP! program. I realize that my initial intention was to sit down and write a blog post, but it has just become clear what this really is. This is a thank you letter to the many people whom I had the pleasure of interacting with and learning from during my month in China.
To the full time JUMP! China Team, Josh, Sam and Coco: Thanks for all the work that you put into getting me to China, and making my life as comfortable as possible while I was there. It’s been amazing getting to know each of you after our previous interactions were just through Skype. You brought me in and gave me responsibilities that helped me grow my own confidence, personally and professionally. You also gave me your support, your trust and your friendship. These are things that I do not take lightly and appreciate immensely. You all showed incredible work ethic and dedication that I intend to do my best to emulate in every aspect of my life. The way you all look out for each other as a team, both in and out of the office, is a rare thing indeed and JUMP! is lucky to have all of you.
To the members of the Bangkok team with whom I had the pleasure of working in China, Elena, Aloni, Marcus and Justin: You all brought incredible expertise and experience to these programs and each one of you was an influential force in my learning here. All of you taught me lessons on the power of attention to intention, one of the many things that I have witnessed that really sets JUMP! apart from other organizations. At one point or another, each one of you asked critical questions to those around you to ensure that the quality of the programs that we provided was to the best of our abilities, and that even the smallest activity had a purpose and added something to the bigger picture. Justin, Aloni and Marcus were able to bring their incredible knowledge of experiential education and taught me loads about how to interact with colleagues, educators and administrators from partner schools, participants and people in general. By getting a chance to witness all of these amazing individuals in the field I learned invaluable lessons that I know will aid me wherever I am or with whatever I’m doing. Elena has been my partner in learning from the Bangkok team and it has been great to share this experience with her. I’m excited to get the chance to apply all of the lessons we have learned as we continue to collaborate on projects in the future. I know that because of the knowledge we have taken away from these programs specifically, we will be able to continue to help JUMP! grow in a positive and intentional manner as the organization continues to grow globally and locally.
To the dedicated and hardworking DCB team that was brought on to help these programs flourish, Luyi, Cynthia, Duke, Holly, Alan, Anna, Emily and Bozi: I feel extremely lucky to have gotten to know each one of you and respect and admire you all. JUMP! excels at bringing together interesting, talented and diverse individuals to form a team and you guys were the epitome of that. Although our time together was short, I was fortunate enough to have made close connections with each of you, and I had the opportunity to learn from all of your ideas and methods of interacting with each and with the world, and for that, I am grateful.
And last but not least to the kids of the Dulwich College of Beijing: Thank you. As I told my form during the year 9 trip, you guys all set the bar very high on my first JUMP! program. You will forever be the students to whom I compare all other students. Watching you guys participate, interact and engage with each other was incredibly inspiring for me. You all invigorated my passion for working with young people and helped to further solidify my belief that one of the most impactful ways of creating positive change for the future is working with the leaders of tomorrow, today. You are all brilliant and I can’t thank you enough for all that you taught me, whether through one-on-one conversations or through group activities and discussions.
And thank you to JUMP! for allowing me the opportunity to be inspired, empowered and engaged by these programs. I look at the future with excitement at all the endless possibilities of empowering youth from around the world to be the compassionate, empathetic and locally and globally aware leaders we all want and need them to be. To be a part of something that creates a space for young people to inspire themselves and accomplish a massive amount of learning and mind opening, outside of the classroom, under the big blue sky and surrounded by breathtaking nature is a very rewarding feeling indeed.
Thanks China, I will forever be in your debt for this incredible experience.
Sincerely, Michou

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