Vanessa Nsouli – Senior Project Advisor

Growing up in South America, Vanessa dreamed of traveling the world to explore new cultures. Her first big move was to Canada. With a BSc in Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto she began her career in Healthcare. She dedicated herself, and after several promotions became Product Manager to the largest private clinic in Canada. However, with time she began to feel that her job was no longer providing her with the challenges and the fulfillment she was seeking. She decided to quit her job and travel the world! Her aim was to reflect and reassess what she was truly passionate about. While it was a big professional and financial risk, this step proved to be extremely rewarding developmentally. In less than 2 years, Vanessa lived in 5 countries and visited over 30 cities. She experienced the many meanings of happiness across cultures. She soon realized that her happiness and passion lied in the NGO world. Vanessa is now pursuing an MBA at IE-Madrid with a focus on social impact. During this time of self-reflection, she also understood firsthand the value of learning by experience. She hopes that youth across the globe can have access to similar developmental opportunities/experiences. This is why she finds JUMP!’s work so inspiring! The Middle East is her first target. With a culture that practices a more traditional form of education, Vanessa sees how impactful JUMP! can be in developing the region. Having lived in Lebanon and now Dubai, she is excited to grow JUMP!’s presence in a region she also considers as home.

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