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Make Transformational Learning accessible to all

We’ve created online programs to address your school’s most pressing needs. 

Daily lives are being reconstructed on a global scale. Through this period, our vision remains unchanged. As we transition into online and remote networks, JUMP! Connected brings you innovative programs and offerings providing solutions to your greatest needs.


We’ll meet you on your campus to lead innovative learning opportunities, enriching the knowledge and abilities of students and educators.


Gain new perspectives in a variety of locations where students are encouraged to challenge themselves as they reflect on their identity and build community. 


We support social impact in 10 underserved communities around the world through community development . 











You can have a positive impact on the lives of community members around the world who are interested in generating social change. Consider making a donation today to ensure a better tomorrow for all.

Why People Choose JUMP!

At JUMP! we’ve found the best approach to be through experiential learning. For over 10 years we’ve partnered with schools and organizations across the world to develop in-school and out of school activities, and create life-changing programs.

At the heart of what we do is the drive to create shared perspectives and responsible adults. We help create future leaders, ready to meet any challenge with grace.
All of our Facilitators are vetted and trained in order to deliver the very best experience to participants – whether students, educators, or corporate executives.
As a social enterprise, JUMP! assigns surplus from all its programs to designing, developing and implementing development projects for underprivileged youth.
We believe in the United Nations  – Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. You can find the spirit of sustainability throughout all aspects of our organization and programs.
It takes a team to build the experiences that we do. We’re made up of a population of critical thinkers, and innovators that are experts in what they do.
As a long standing and respected Foundation we practice honesty and transparency. We are always on the look out for the next educational partner who wants us to supplement an already great curriculum.

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Organizations We Partner With
We are proud to be connected with other organizations that share our vision for a globally focused future.

Interested in learning more?

If so, our team is always happy to connect with you through an email or phone call. 

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