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JUMP! and Teaspoons Coming Together

After eight years in the making, JUMP! Foundation and Teaspoons of Change are formally coming together to maximise their roles in supporting global citizenship education around the world.   Teaspoons of Change Founder and Director, d’Arcy Lunn, is to be JUMP!’s new...

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The Five Foundations of JUMP! Facilitation

This simple, yet effective, guide allows us as facilitators, as well as the youth we train, to have a clearer understanding of exactly how JUMP! does what it does so well. Facilitation is not something you can just pick up on the fly nor is it easily taught; however, it is a skill inherent in all of us that can be brought out with the right tools, models and understanding of effective communication and group interaction.

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Ruka Inspires youth in Nairobi to Shape Their Destiny

The conference targeting youth aged between 18-25 years from Nairobi slums, takes place on 17-18 June in Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya. It combines design thinking, open-space methodology and rights-based approach by creating the infrastructure to cultivate and support young change-makers in their journey to tackle the toughest challenges in their personal lives and communities.

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Battambang: Explorations of Community Development

The Grade 10 expedition explored community development by learning from and critically analyzing organizations working with local communities in Battambang, Cambodia. Students had the opportunity to visit organizations ranging from well established and popularized...

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Journeys through Yunnan

The Journeys through Yunnan JUMP! Experience was themed around reflecting on one’s own personal journey, as the students are nearing the end of their academic journey at Stamford. At this time, students are preparing for major personal journeys in the coming years....

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Expedition to Yogyakarta

On the JUMP! Yogyakarta Urban Exploration program, Stamford American International School 7th graders explored themes centered around the Ramayana, a Sanskrit epic poem that plays an important role in the history and culture across South and Southeast Asia.

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