Designed for school educators, these programs recapture your enthusiasm for innovative education at school.

We tackle life and school challenges, and support you in rediscovering your passion. You’ll learn from the best–our expert JUMP! facilitators–who will guide you every step of the way and encourage you to use your knowledge and skills with confidence and clarity.

Experiential Education Training

Duration: 2 days

Program Overview:

The JUMP! Experiential Educator Training, will provide educators with the appropriate skills and tools to act as facilitators of growth and development. The program centers on unpacking the experiential learning process, identifying needs of individuals and students in the field, and using the outdoors to facilitate powerful learning experiences.

Educators will reflect on how the language they use, the questions they present, and the group management tools they employ shape positive learning experiences and mindsets for their students. JUMP! facilitators will provide a set of methods and models for educators to experiment with as each participant explores their personal facilitation style. Educators will be challenged to discover new approaches and methods towards creating meaningful learning experiences. We will challenge educators to leave the program with an awareness of how these ideas contribute to their teaching style and how to put their style and skills into action in the classroom, their personal lives, their local community and beyond.

Using tools such as design thinking, systems mapping and experiential learning, teachers will become better equipped to deliver transformative experiences for students off-campus on the Experiential Learning Programs, and have tools to embed this learning into the classroom.

Key Objectives:

  • To build a community of support between educators through personal reflection, how to create meaningful connections, and promoting a culture of “feed forward”
  • To inspire educators with activities and methods for experiential learning that increase agency in their roles as educators
  • To model a variety of experiential education activities for educators to further foster inclusive education

Global Citizenship Summit

Duration: 3 days

Program Overview:

The Purpose of the Global Citizenship Summit is to create a collaborative time and space for service, sustainability, environmental, and experiential educators to share materials, ideas, methods and skills, and meaningfully explore shared questions and challenges.

Learn innovative tools to easily integrate global citizenship into the school curriculum. For this program, we hold intentional spaces for participants to share resources and activities with one another, as well as discover how they can create a positive impact in the community.

Key Objectives:

  • To learn from the lived experiences of esteemed speakers and honorary guests from different fields and organizations across the globe
  • To gain valuable new skills, knowledge, and resources through interactive, participant-led workshops to create actions
  • To connect with like-minded individuals and communities with an investment in Global Issues Education
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