Eastern Thailand

Wilderness Adventure & Community Building – Chonburi

Join our experiential education program in Chonburi and Rayong and discover the great outdoors! Located just a short drive from Bangkok, this program offers a variety of land and water-based activities that will introduce you to the natural beauty of the region. You’ll have the chance to try kayaking, white water rafting, dragon boat racing, or raft building on the water day, and explore the flora and fauna of the forest on the forest day. Along the way, you’ll build basic outdoor skills, increase your resilience, and connect with nature while building community with your fellow students. Don’t miss this opportunity to get comfortable in the great outdoors and have some fun!

Adventure & Biodiversity – Khao Chamao

Join us on a trip to beautiful Khao Chamao, just 3 hours south east of Bangkok, where students can learn about their role in preventing biodiversity loss. The trip begins with a waterfall trek through the forest, where students will learn about the different flora and fauna and understand the complexity and importance of life on land (SDG 15). Then, they’ll visit Laem Mae Phim and take a boat to participate in local ocean conservation work, exploring the importance of life below water (SDG 14). Throughout the program, students will work on building community and developing strategies to raise awareness and take action against biodiversity loss. By the end of this trip, students will have a greater understanding of the complexities of biodiversity and their ability to make a difference.

Unseen Waters of Thailand

Join us on an educational adventure as we explore the complex history of natural resource and land use in Namtok Phlio National Park and the beautiful coast of Chanthaburi. Students will trek through the lush forest and visit mangrove trees along the coast and into the Gulf of Thailand, engaging with local fish hatcheries and sustainable living communities to observe resource use in the region for gemstones and mining, organic orchards cooperatives, mangrove reforestation, and oyster farming efforts. Potential activities on this trip include a waterfall hike, collecting fresh fruits in an orchard, panning for gemstones, fishing, participating in an Amazing Race market, going on boat trips, beach camping, and night tidal hunts. Soak in the sunshine and learn about sustainability while having fun on this educational adventure.

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