What We Offer Partners

Experiential Education Visioning and Design

Reset your school's vision for experiential learning by engaging with all stakeholders for community buy-in.

Risk Management

Reset your school's vision for experiential learning by engaging with all stakeholders for community buy-in.

Sequential Program Design and mapping learning journey

JUMP can support in building the experiential learning curriculum for your schools’ trips to integrate into.

Curriculum Connections Mapping

JUMP facilitates conversations with curriculum leads and department directors to map where there are natural connections between trips and the academic curriculum

Program Delivery

JUMP delivers end-to-end experiential learning programs around the worlde

Program Impact Monitoring and Evaluation

JUMP facilitates surveys, data collection, and analysis to provide you with the full picture of where the programs are hitting their goals and where improvement is needed.

Program Locations

JUMP has established programs in the listed locations. With an extensive network of facilitators and program designers, JUMP is able to tailor programs in these locations to the school's specific themes and learning objectives.

Sequential Experiential Learning

Program Example

Testimonials and End-of-Programs Report

NIST-X, Thailand
Annual Report 2023

“I developed outdoor skills like SUP and hiking, which was really hard for me as it was my first time and some knowledge about nature.”

“On this trip, I developed skills that helped me in many mental wellness aspects, such as putting my phone down and going outside.”

“I realized that everyone in the World has their own way of living. I should better understand the culture and custom diversity and learn to respect the differences.”

“It was the activities that taught me how to push past my limits and explore things that I haven't tried before because actually, you will benefit from it if you have the courage to test it out.”

Who We Are

The JUMP! Foundation is a social enterprise that offers experiential education programs. Established in 2006, JUMP! is a response to what its founding members saw as a need in youth education for programs that address issues of leadership and global citizenship. In a world grown flatter and more accessible through new media and globalization, they believed it was important to create a platform to facilitate awareness among youth not only of their community but also of the communities beyond their own.

Today, JUMP! has a strong network of facilitators, partners, and advisors across the globe. We act as a collaborative platform for participants to come together to challenge themselves, inspire one another, and effect change in their surroundings. JUMP! has delivered programs throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America. We have utilized the outdoors, cityscapes, and various other environments to engage and challenge participants. Our activities provoke reflection, dialogue, and everyday application by encouraging individual resilience and broadening horizons. To date, JUMP! has delivered programs directly to over 30,000 youth in 30 countries across 6 continents.

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