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End-of-Year Programs

JUMP! Foundation creates interactive, empowering learning experiences using activities that focus on personal growth, community building and leadership. Our programs are rooted in transformational learning, in which people experience a profound shift in their understanding of self, others and the way the world works. All our programs can be custom designed (in-person or online), according to the needs of your school and students.

End-of-Year Programs

These programs focus on helping students foster deeper connections, celebrate the community and make meaning of their 2022-23 academic year.

For Students

Graduating Class Community Day / Transitions Program

Graduating is an extraordinary moment in a student's life, and we believe it is vital for us as educators to acknowledge this growth and transition. Our graduating class program focuses on helping students make meaning of their journey, capture their learning and take intentional steps to appreciate their community. This program also helps students transition into their next steps more smoother. This is done through engaging activities, meaningful dialogue, and personal reflections.

For: Graduating Middle School and High School classes - G8/Y9 and G12/Y13
Duration: 1 Day (on-campus)

End of the Year Community Day

This program is to help students celebrate their year, reflect on their highs and lows through the year, and acknowledge their class community. This program is designed individually for each class year, keeping their journey in mind. We work with class leads to bring a fun and high-energy program which is curated to meet specific needs through activities and discussions relevant to them.

For: Every grade/year level
Duration: 1 Day (on-campus)

Whole School Community Day

Like our class community day, this program focuses on school-wide celebrations and fun. This program is designed to engage students through all Middle Schools or High Schools in two days of celebration, meaning-making, and community engagement.

For: Middle school and high school
Duration: 2 Days (on-campus + off-campus)

For Educators

Community Day for Educators and School Staff

Community Day for educators and school staff is designed to help your team decompress from a big year, celebrate the journey they took on this year, and have fun with each other. Activities and conversations are designed to help nourish relationships and engage in fun, challenging activities.

For: Educators and School Staff
Duration: 1 Day (on-campus)

Educators Professional Training

Global Citizenship and advisory group designing are what we have realized are relevant for educators now. This program is an introduction and an intentional learning space we hold for educators where the community comes together to think. Our program is designed to help educators make meaning of their academic year and collectively capture their best practices and elevate student journeys for the coming year.

For: Educators
Duration: 1-3 Days (on-campus)

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