During this complicated time when many organizations and individuals have been pushed to slow down or stop operations, we have been inspired to take action! Over the past month, we’ve adapted what we already do best for online accessibility. We are excited to bring you valuable content through JUMP! Connected!

Through JUMP! Connected we INSPIRE individuals to connect and deepen their perspectives, ENGAGE students by facilitating and holding open spaces and discussions and EMPOWER people to create and execute intentional change.

We’ve now hosted two online events: Breaking Digital Barriers and Thriving Through and Beyond COVID-19. Due to their demand and success, we have more to come! This weekend, we are hosting a Global YouthFest for youth age 13-24 years-old around the world to come together for inspiration, connection, and action! Our second Breaking Digital Barriers event will happen on April 25th.

JUMP! Connected’s main aim is to support our partners in education with programming to alleviate some of the biggest challenges of the pandemic. The information below provides an overview of our new program stream. 

Transitions Program

This program gives students an opportunity to reflect and celebrate their journey through high school. Participants will create a vision for what they’d like their future to look like and connect with alumni from their school for meaningful dialogue. Ensure your students feel supported through their transition, despite the challenging times. 

Community Dialogues Program

Community Dialogues is a great program option for proactively dealing with COVID-19 challenges. A virtual experience designed to help communities come together for deep and meaningful conversations on how to move through adversity as a community while staying rooted in empathy. Participants will analyze the effects of a challenging event and normalize difficult feelings. The end of the program will have a focus on gratitude, asking individuals to identify and appreciate the people around them who have proven the importance of community.

Leadership Program

Empower students to build leadership capacity through an empathy-based approach. Using story-telling practices, students will relate with their peers on a deeper level and explore the importance of empathy as it relates to leadership. Reflecting on their school’s culture and well being, student leaders will identify and champion solutions towards growth in their community. All participants will receive a JUMP! Leadership Certificate upon program completion.

Global Citizenship

Examine real-world challenges that student communities are facing in real-time through the JUMP! Connected Global Citizenship Program. Explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, providing a hands-on opportunity for students to cultivate a better understanding of global issues in a digital landscape. Students will embark on a series of community discovery activities and apply Design Thinking to research, address, and solve a challenge related to an SDG of interest. All participants will receive a JUMP! Global Citizenship Certificate upon program completion.

Innovation Lab

Engage an entire school community in reimaging impactful learning online. Join stakeholders in a facilitated exchange of ideas on the execution of online learning as you re-evaluate existing practices and implement needs-based action plans, strengthening your school’s unique value in the world of digital remote learning. Collaboratively create a shared vision, gain community buy-in, and empower all stakeholders to embed efficient and impactful educational practices schoolwide.

In addition to the above programs, we will soon open registration for individual enrollment programs for Summer 2020. These offerings will be week-long programs on Leadership and Global Citizenship. Recognizing that many summer camps and travel plans have been canceled, we’re excited to offer these alternatives. 

If you have additional questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would appreciate if you shared our programs and offerings with individuals and schools who may be interested!

Wishing you health, comfort, and vision for opportunity during this unprecedented period. 

Today, we create the future. 

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