One of JUMP!’s partner schools has reached an exciting milestone! When JUMP! starts a partnership with a school, we like to think of it as an opportunity to create a sustainable system in support of their individual needs. We help schools grow their leadership, community development, and global citizenship programming, ideally until they have the capacity to run it themselves. Today we are sharing a huge congratulations to Ivanhoe Grammar School for reaching that stage in their development as we come to an important transition in our four-year partnership. Starting in 2020, Ivanhoe Grammar School will be taking full reign of their Global Citizenship Centre (GCC). Ivanhoe staff will now run the GCC in-house, with continued support from JUMP! on specific programs, projects, and training.

The partnership began when Justin Bedard, JUMP!’s Executive Director, met Gerard Foley, Principal at Ivanhoe Grammar School, at a Round Square conference 8 years ago. It took some time, but eventually, the two joined forces with the vision of creating a Global Citizenship Centre for the Ivanhoe Grammar School community. Soon after, Ali Meighan joined the team and became the Global Citizenship Centre Director on-site at Ivanhoe. There, in terms of Ivanhoe Grammar School’s commitment to global citizenship, she has helped bring the school to where it is today. 

A couple of years into the partnership, Ali was sitting in the back of the room at a Round Square student leadership conference. She was listening to the facilitator ask the crowd of students questions about what it means to be a global citizen. Ali felt a pang of pride as her Ivanhoe students’ hands all rose in an otherwise quiet room. She then realized that a unique and meaningful culture of global awareness and engagement had developed at Ivanhoe Grammar School. The task of shifting the culture of a community can be daunting, and it can also be difficult to see when you’ve successfully made a change. Cultural shifts are not as easy to measure as other goals, but at that moment, seeing all those hands up, Ali was sure Ivanhoe was doing something right. 

When JUMP! arrived, Ivanhoe Grammar School was already a Round Square member school and regularly participated in globally-focused international conferences, but the work that Ali and the Ivanhoe community have done together over the last four years has brought a deeper awareness and engagement with global citizenship to the Ivanhoe community, stretching beyond international conferences and trips into the classrooms and daily lives of students and staff. Because of that push, global citizenship has become a more deeply entrenched part of the ethos at Ivanhoe Grammar School. 

Thank you to Ivanhoe Grammar School for giving us the opportunity to work with your community. It’s been a wonderful four years and we look forward to continuing to support the Ivanhoe community with their global citizenship journey for years to come.

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