On November 2, we met in Vancouver, British Columbia for JUMP! Canada’s Annual General Meeting. It’s been two years since the JUMP! Foundation acquired Educo Adventure School through a strategic partnership. Within that time, we have witnessed great successes in addition to opportunities for learning and growth. Throughout this new season for JUMP! and Educo we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Educo’s existence and have continued beloved summer programs near 100 mile house. At the Annual General Meeting, we had a lot to discuss and catch up on. As always, it was also an exciting time to connect with friends and colleagues that we don’t get to see too often.

One of the most important outcomes of the meeting was an approval for the legal name change of “Educo School Society” to “JUMP! Canada Society. ” The name change allows us to align insurance policies, bank accounts, and staff contracts, in addition to increasing efficiencies across Educo Adventure School and The JUMP! Foundation. 

In legally becoming “JUMP! Canada Society,” the organization has created an avenue for a smoother integration of systems and structures under one charitable society. This change continues to reflect the unique branding and distinction between Educo Adventure School programs (that run onsite near 100 Mile House) and JUMP! programming we run in the Lower Mainland and across Canada. 

We are very excited to have Educo and JUMP! coming together officially under one Society for smoother operations in 2020 and beyond. As we move into the next chapter, we are looking forward to receiving your applications for our upcoming summer programs at Educo. We are offering a 10% discount for all who register before December 31st. Here is the link to the application page. As the holiday season approaches–this may just be the perfect gift of experience for a youth you love!

To end this post, here’s a quote from the founder of Educo, Geoff Tisch:

“I wish to bless the new legal name, Jump, Educo Adventure School, and the new Board of Directors…Justin Bedard and Jump are perfect to merge – they are of the same spirit and intent.  Perfect to launch in this AGM platform. – just like, in my imagination, standing on platform nine and three quarters, ready to catch a train to Educo school of magic…thinking of you there, while living here in “middle earth” New Zealand.”

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