Welcome to the Johnson & Johnson Bridge to Employment (BTE) initiative, a collaborative effort between Johnson & Johnson and FHI 360, dedicated to enriching the educational experiences of students through career development and work-based learning opportunities. Partnering with JUMP! Foundation, we proudly serve as the Thailand site coordinator, facilitating transformative experiences for students in collaboration with Phra Khanong Pittayalai School for 3 constructive year.

Our Mission: Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce

At BTE, we are on a mission to empower young minds and bridge the gap between education and career readiness. We employ four principal strategies to achieve this:

  1. Academic Enrichment: We believe in the power of knowledge. Our program offers students access to resources and support to excel academically, fostering a solid foundation for their future endeavors.
  2. Career Readiness and Exploration: Equipping students with the skills and insights needed for the world of work is our priority. Through mentorship and hands-on experiences, we help students explore potential career paths.
  3. Post-Secondary Education Exploration and Preparation: College and further education should be accessible to all. B2E assists students in navigating the complexities of post-secondary education, ensuring they are well-prepared for their academic journey.
  4. Community Engagement and Youth Leadership: Building strong community ties and nurturing leadership skills are at the heart of what we do. We empower students to take charge of their futures while positively impacting their communities.

Impact at Phra Khanong Pittayalai School

Currently, we are working with 50 dedicated students at Phra Khanong Pittayalai School. Through our holistic approach to education and career development, we have witnessed remarkable transformations within this vibrant community.

Together with our partners, Johnson & Johnson, FHI 360, and the unwavering support of the JUMP! Foundation, we are shaping a brighter tomorrow for these young talents.

Join us in our mission to inspire, educate, and empower the workforce of the future. Together, we can build bridges to success, one student at a time. For partnership opportunities and inquiries, please contact us. 

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