We facilitate targeted strategic planning and visioning activities for your school.

Through a combination of guided group discussions, exercises and breakout sessions, our School-wide Programs result in leadership development plans, realistic evaluations of your school’s strengths and weaknesses, candid discussions about how to position your school for future success, and enthusiasm for embracing strategic changes.

Global Citizenship Week

Duration: 5-7 Days

The JUMP! Global Citizenship Week will start with a frame on global citizenship education, utilizing the Sustainable Development Goals. Alongside this, students will have the opportunity to learn from professionals in the social sector to understand the best approaches to understanding social issues, and taking action.

After exploring themes of global citizenship, empathy, and advocacy, students will design an educational experience in relation to a global issue. Students will undergo a facilitator training to fine-tune their activity and practice advocating for their global issue.


  • To equip participants with the Five Foundations of Facilitation framework 
  • To connect participants to initiatives in their community to meet local changemakers
  • To explore how participants can make a global contribution to society, beyond our local community


Visioning & Design Project

Duration: 2-day retreat 

The Visioning + Design Program is a holistic, in-depth assessment of a school’s strategic vision for change.

We support senior leadership teams to inclusively evaluate your ecosystem and develop a strategic plan. These plans range from a re-evaluation of experiential education programs to school-wide approaches to global citizenship.  

This 2-day retreat provides a chance to: Reflect on differing opinions about the school’s values and priorities, re-evaluate and evolve the school’s current shared vision, and identify areas JUMP! can support students

and educators in enabling this new, collective school vision.


  • To collectively build a vision that has clear, school-wide connections from the view of students, educators, administration, and parents
  • To gain authentic insights from a multitude of different stakeholders in the community through data collection and analysis
  • To map the school current curriculum and identify current strengths, offerings, and opportunities for engagement and motion
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