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Updated Registration Deadline: May 15th

Reserve your spot today with a 3,000 THB deposit*.

Saraburi Outdoor Adventure

Dates: July 5th – July 9th, 2021

Program Cost – THB 58,000

Participant Ages: 11-17

Students will learn how to rock-climb and build their confidence in a unique outdoor environment in Saraburi, Thailand. Considered the “home crag” for Bangkok and Central Thailand based rock climbers, the Nam Pha Pa Yai climbers camp is a special and important rock climbing destination in Thailand.

On this program you will climb, camp, enjoy delicious home-made and locally sourced meals, and enjoy rest day activities such as trekking, engaging in sustainability workshops, and kayaking along the Pasak River which borders the camp. As you learn to climb, you’ll overcome fears, reassure others, build confidence and trust, and have fun.

Loei Social Justice and Sustainable Development

Program 1: July 12th – 16th, 2021

Program Cost – THB 49,000

Participant Ages: 14-18

On this program you will travel to Loei province, in Northeast Thailand where they will stay with the community in Na Nong Bong village. In Na Nong Bong, you will learn about the struggle for sustainable development after a gold mine was constructed in the community around 10 years ago that has contaminated the environment and disrupted the community’s way of life.

You will experience how community members have begun to restore the village through the creation of a weaving cooperative formed by local women as a means to preserve local traditions and raise money to protect the community from threats caused by the mine. You will exchange with community leaders about their decade-long environmental justice movement and participate in all aspects of the weaving process in order to better understand the community’s unique approach to development and conservation. While hiking to farms, preparing local food, and observing temple services, you will be fully immersed in an Isaan community, be inspired by human rights defenders, and brainstorm ways to make a difference in the world.

*Cost includes flights to Loei

Kui Buri Animal Conservation

Program 1: July 19th – 23rd, 2021

Program Cost –  THB 59,000

Participant Ages: 11 – 17

Looking for an adventure and a chance to escape from Bangkok over the summer? The JUMP Foundation is offering an opportunity for students going into years 7-9 / grades 8-10 to engage with local organizations like Bring the Elephant Home in Kui Buri, Thailand.

Kui Buri is one of the last places in Thailand where wild elephants roam freely and you will have the opportunity to learn more about these majestic creatures and their impact on the ecosystem as well as communities around them. You will engage with local community initiatives, learn more about design thinking, and engage with nature in Kui Buri National Park and the surrounding area.


Registration Deadline: May 21st

Leadership and Advocacy in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE & I)

Program Dates: July 12th – 16th, 2021   or    July 19th – 23rd

Program Cost – 240 USD

Time: Options in ICT 9 AM-1 PM each day (including a lunch break and physical activity through out!) 

Participant Ages: 15-19 

Are you wanting to contribute to a world that values diversity, equity and inclusion? We have a long way to go but your engagement is the perfect 1st step. You will develop skills based on a foundation of experientiallearning. Kicking off with a deep dive into relevant DEI concepts and frameworks, and the socialemotional tools necessary for successful dialogue, discourse and reflection, this program emphasizes how social change can start with the self. Participants have the opportunity to collaborate across cultures to share collective experiences, exchange intersectional perspectives, and map tangible action steps. This process informs new purposedriven action, which ultimately cultivates  change. Participants will learn that overcoming barriers through intentional thoughtprovoking experiences can create the most powerful learning when embarking on social activism and change. This program is unique in that it provides immersive experiential activities that drive the learning of the students. It creates space for perspectives and growth through engaging with different sociopolitical and economic contexts. The JUMP DEI Collective Program aims to Inspire, Connect, Empower, and Engage with what it means and looks to be a social activist.

Global Citizenship Program – Empower and Explore Action

Program Dates: July 12th – 16th, 2021 

Program Cost – 240 USD

Time: Options in ICT 9 AM-1 PM each day (including a lunch break and physical activity through out!) 

Participant Ages: 15-19

Are you a change-maker ready to expand your understanding of the world? This program was made for you! Through the lens of the three pillars of sustainability: Society, Economy, and Environment, you’ll explore the role of global citizenship through conversations with amazing individuals from every continent. Participants will explore themes through engaging activities and conduct research on important global issues. A JUMP! Global Citizenship Certificate will be given to all participants upon completion of program.

Example Itinerary:

Introduction to JUMP!
Introduce JUMP! facilitators and participants, review program flow and objectives and engage in icebreaker activities
Community Discovery
Build a sense of one community through interactive activities that focus on collaboration and communication.
Global Citizenship Conversations
Engage in conversation with a leader of Global Citizenship from a different continent each day. 
Sustainability Pillar
Investigate what it means to create sustainable societies. Focus on the societal, economic, and environmental factors that support positive futures. 
Global Citizenship in Action
Be inspired by fun activities that will allow for deep conversations on the role of global citizenship in society and get ready to take action!.

More details will be sent following registration.


*Please note: deposit is non-refundable in the case of choosing to withdraw your registration. If the program is cancelled due to government mandates relating to COVID-19, the deposit will be refunded in full, or can be applied towards one of our fantastic virtual summer camp experiences, which bring students together from all around the world to discuss global challenges, explore leadership, and have fun in an interactive and small group setting.

For all of our participants and staff, we follow guidelines to ensure industry-leading quality and safety. You can read the code of conduct we request from all of our youth participants here. In conjunction with the code of conduct, we ask parents/guardians to sign this pledge. For adults who participate in our programs, we require the signing of this code of conduct.

Scholarships for our Summer Programs are available! If you would like more information about our scholarship options, please reach out to for more information.

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